Innovation with BIM

Transforming Construction Landscape

At ABM, we utilise the power of BIM to improve our projects, enabling us to visualize and plan every aspect of a project meticulously before construction begins. This precision minimizes uncertainties, streamlines coordination between various teams, and enhances overall project efficiency. Our use of BIM ensures a proactive approach to problem-solving, significantly reducing construction risks and maximizing the quality of deliverables. Ultimately, ABM's integration of BIM ensures that our projects are not just built, but meticulously orchestrated, resulting in efficiency and client satisfaction.

ABM sees BIM as a core part of our service. We are committed to producing better buildings by using the latest technology in design and construction. We understand that technology plays a vital role in operation, energy performance, sustainability, risk reduction, and facilities management. Therefore, we support the use of the latest technology to enhance our services continually.

Project Design & Visualisation

ABM's internal design team leverages the power of Building Information Modelling (BIM) to provide clients with an immersive and insightful visualization of their projects and sites. Through BIM's dynamic 3D modelling and data-rich environment, clients can virtually explore every aspect of their envisioned spaces, from architectural elements to intricate site details. This enables a realistic and interactive experience that fosters a deeper understanding of design concepts and spatial relationships.

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Site Logistics & Planning

ABM's internal design capabilities in Building Information Modelling (BIM) offer a powerful toolset for enhancing site logistics and planning within the construction industry. By harnessing the comprehensive digital representation of a project's physical and functional characteristics, ABM enables precise visualization and analysis of construction sequences, material flows, and resource allocation. This technology facilitates optimized site layout, minimizing conflicts and bottlenecks, thus improving efficiency and safety. Real-time updates and collaborative features further empower construction teams to streamline communication, anticipate challenges, and make informed decisions.

Construction Coordination & Clash Detection

ABM harnesses Building Information Modelling (BIM) for advanced construction coordination and clash detection, optimizing project outcomes. By integrating various design disciplines' digital models into a centralized BIM environment, ABM's teams can identify and address clashes and conflicts between different systems and elements, such as structural, mechanical, and electrical components. BIM's intelligent algorithms detect clashes during the virtual construction phase, highlighting potential issues before they materialize on-site. This proactive approach minimizes rework, costly delays, and site disruptions. Collaborative tools within the BIM platform allow multidisciplinary teams to communicate effectively, resolve clashes collaboratively, and make adjustments seamlessly. ABM's implementation of BIM for construction coordination ensures a smoother, more synchronized construction process, leading to enhanced project efficiency, reduced risk, and a higher level of quality assurance.

ABM has developed an expertise utilizing a number of advanced visualization and data-rich modelling software’s, ABM creates a seamless ecosystem where project stakeholders can access, share, and interact with a wealth of information from a single source of information. Streamlining project management tasks, tracking progress, and enhancing communication among teams, while BIM enables multidimensional visualization and precise modelling of design and construction elements.